RLS Services, LLC - Professional Land Surveying Firm
Welcome to
RLS Services, LLC
a Professional Firm
@ which it stands for
Reliable Land Survey
were we strive to be
Reliable, Loyal and Secure
a professional service
for our clients and
the general public.

Mr. Raymond (ray) A. Cruz, PLS / RME

Ray is a licensed Land Surveyor with over 30 years experience, both in government and private sectors, working in Guam and Hawaii. Ray began his land surveying career at Department of Land Management, Government of Guam in the late seventies, as a chain man and gradually worked his way up to eventually become a Professional Land Surveyor. He is a local boy, born in Guam and raised in the southern village of Malesso.

As the Responsible Managing Employee of RLS Services, LLC, Ray manages all business aspects and operational sufficiency of the firm, and implements necessary changes in order to improve the delivery of service to our clients, professionally, effectively and on a timely manner.

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